Buy an Engagement Ring with Confidence

I started this blog several years ago with the idea to help engagement ring shoppers locate the engagement ring style of their dreams at a price they could afford. I had seen too many shoppers fall in love with a ring style they saw at a posh boutique or mall store, and then go ahead and purchase from these overpriced outlets. But, I knew there was a better way. While glossy magazines and shopping mall storefronts are great places to get inspired on your journey to becoming engaged – they are NOT the place to save $$ on your ring purchase.

So where can you get the best deal?


Engagement Ring Education

Online Shopping for Engagement Rings

Back then, people were constantly asking me, “Is it OK to buy an engagement ring online?” While online shopping for big-ticket items has become more and more mainstream, diamonds and engagement rings were actually one of the first industries to pioneer the transparent buying experience needed to give consumers confidence in taking the leap online. 

Due to the reduced marketing and real estate needs of online jewelers, they have always been able to offer better pricing than their Brick-and-mortar competitors. Plus, the diamond education they provide on their websites is above and beyond what you’ll get from any retail salesperson. Looking for a specific style? Online retailers have catalogs which include thousands of styles – many of them copycats of designer looks – and most of the major online retailers like Whiteflash and James Allen also offer designer settings if your heart is set on it.


Buying a Ring Online? Start Here.

If you’ve just discovered Engagement Ring Primer and you’re at the beginning of the engagement ring shopping journey, start with these two resources:

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